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Dr. Susan S. Fox


Dr. Susan Fox has more than 30 years of experience in great plan development and operational expertise, with special emphasis on human resources, team building and problem solving for the daily operation of a profitable, growing business. This experience – combined with her work in both private business and educational institutions – is paramount to her success.

Dr. Fox is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist who works exclusively with business and industry building community partnerships, formulating great strategic plans and creative operational solutions. Dr. Fox has extensive executive experience in the planning, implementation and administration of community collaborations, business planning, and programs for business projects and expansion including individual entrepreneurial companies as well as large corporations.

Dr. Fox has additional experience as the founder and president of a brick and mortar retail chain of 118 Southern California stores making her an expert in customer service, community marketing and outreach, and collaborations throughout industries on behalf of clients.

Dr. Frank Frimodig


Dr. Frank Frimodig (“Dr. Frank”) co-founded Fox & Frank Enterprises with Dr. Susan Fox. His passion for business and industry spans more than three decades, and has driven him to explore new ventures and offer assistance to numerous organizations including multiple colleges such as Mt. San Antonio College, East Los Angeles College and Pomona College.

Dr. Frank has a PhD in Education, with over 35 years of experience planning, starting and building successful statewide businesses, including the award-winning largest casualty insurance agency in California.  As a certificated leader in the K-12 community, Dr. Frank’s expertise with homeless children, kids at risk, incarcerated youth, and enrichment-driven needs of all impoverished children have been the goal of 100’s of projects planned and funded by foundations and grants throughout the Western States with Dr. Frank as their professional advisor and coach.

Dr. Frank works directly business and industry developing their relationships with corporate foundations, family trust and nonprofits.



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""We see money and clients are definitely out there. Competitiveness means small and medium-sized businesses need to sharpen their tactics, since they’re competing with an increasing number of marketing distractions plus increased rules and laws affecting their business' growth and expansion. Even established small and medium businesses can’t let their guard down. Companies call on us to help with retraining their teams, expanding their market share, and helping to improve their profitability – that’s the wonderful work we do." Dr. Frank Frimodig - Co-Founder.