After meeting with Dr. Fox and her team, we invested in a few sessions with one of her team building experts, the whole leadership process became clear- and I’d learned enough to apply all of our new techniques right away!  Saved us the time and expense of moving a couple of people to a different department. –James G., Florida

For less than the monthly contract fee for an outside presentation team, we were able to send three of our employees to a private Seminar through Fox & Frank. Our small company now has our own presentation development “division” - which has already saved us the cost of the F & F seminar in less than a year.–Tranette C., Nevada

F & F’s programs are brilliant; packed with valuable information, but succint and relevant. It’s exactly what we needed.–Sharon R., California

If you’re looking for time-immediate coaching and in-house help that immediately pays for itself, you’ve found it. –John T., Washington

As a startup organization, I was worried about finding funding and our initial business plan. Not only did we secure our next round of funding, we’re actually bringing in more funding per month than we predicted two years out. Our business plan is amazing! –uren, Massachusetts